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February 23, 2021 I will not be able to take any more appointments until further notice.

New Tattoo for a New Year!

January 22, 2021 I finally got my tattoo!!! Can you believe how perfect it is? All the circles, and the flowers – it just perfectly illustrates the meaning of life, doesn’t it? Tiffany at Good Vibes did it for me – she’s just a genius with ink. And I met the coolest guy there. He… Continue reading New Tattoo for a New Year!

Cursed Things

November 14, 2020 Negative energy sometimes appears in the universe in the form of a “curse”. I was contacted last week by a lady who had just bought an antique pewter breakfast set off Ebay. I mean, I don’t know what she was thinking…the listing clearly said the item had some seriously bad juju! Apparently… Continue reading Cursed Things